Acclaimed sushi chef, Tim Wijaya, has been making sushi for nearly two decades. He is an expert in the art of Asian fusion and has trained under renowned sushi chefs Sotohiro Kosugi of Soto Japanese Restaurant and Roy Yamaguchi of Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine. Eventually, after years of experience as a professional sushi chef, Tim finally decided that it was time to pave my own path. Following his love and passion for sushi, he opened Sakura in August of 2006. For Tim, sushi is not just a matter of fish and rice. He has a passion for creating something different and beautiful. He selects unique, high-quality fish and enticing flavors to prepare a menu filled with bold signature creations. His distinctive style combined with his skill for flawless execution results in some of the most outstanding presentations in the industry and guarantees an extraordinary sushi experience.

From here, his decade long journey is still not over. To this day, he loves watching his customers enjoy the food that he puts out for them, for it was made with hard work and dedication. Although the food here at Sakura gains lots of recognition, Tim and his sushi chefs also help to set his restaurant apart from others. Many customers have described Sakura’s environment as very friendly and amusing. As the owner of the restaurant and as an acting sushi chef, Tim tries his best to get to know each and every customer. His greatest pride in his company has to come from the many regulars that come in every week, expecting and receiving some of the best sushi and cuisine available here in East Cobb.